Conn Pest Control was founded in 1974 and has been serving the Flagstaff community ever since.  Our company is a family operated business that is 100% women owned and operated.  We pride ourselves on being a true part of the Flagstaff and Northern Arizona community.  Our clients are comprised of every sector of both residential and commercial business.  We have worked with local Schools, Daycare Centers, Healthcare Facilities, area Municipalities, Native Tribes, regional Colleges and Universities, and a wide array of Real Estate services across Northern Arizona.  When there is a concern about the health and safety of the people in our area, Conn Pest Control is your first call!

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Judy Shelton is the owner of Conn Pest Control in Flagstaff, Arizona.The owner of our company is Judy Shelton.  She has been a resident of Flagstaff since 1972.  She attended Northern Arizona University, where she met her husband, Les Shelton.  Judy and Les married and raised their family in Flagstaff. 

Her in-laws, George and Lucy Conn, started their pest control business in 1974.  This husband and wife team worked together for more than 30 years building one of Arizona's most highly regarded pest control companies.  Their son, Les Shelton, managed the business for 18 years prior to his death.  At the time, Judy was a licensed Realtor who worked extensively in bookkeeping and implementing computerized accounting systems.  Upon the death of her husband in 2000, she accepted the challenge of managing the family business.  Today, you can find her every day in the office striving to provide excellence and safety in her pest control service for the Flagstaff Community.

When not running the office, Judy enjoys taking her family camping and fishing.  She has been a supporter, committee member, and co-chair of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. 

Over the years, she has encouraged her children, and now grandchildren, to join her in her outdoor activities and is moving them into being an integral part of the family business.

Continuing the Family Tradition...!

Judy's son, Levi Shelton, is the Lead Technician and Termite Expert for our company.  He, along with Jason Whitmarsh (our Service Manager), work together to run the operations in the field making sure that all of the safety aspects and on-call extermination work is handled with top level professionalism. 

Levi was born in Flagstaff and at the age of 19 (in 2003) began working in the family business.  He has worked hard to become an expert in the field and has many accreditations as a pest control technician.  He recently has successfully completed the course and testing to become an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE).  The family is very proud of his dedication to learn and excel at his profession.

Levi is also an avid bass fisherman and enjoys many other outdoor activities including snowboarding, golfing, and photography.  He and his wife, Katie Boyle (who has also worked for Conn Pest for over 3 years as our Customer Service Representative), love to hike, fish, and camp.  Anything outdoors is their motto!

Let Our Family Protect Your Family!


Sterling Byrd handles pest control and extermination for Conn Pest Control in Page, Arizona.Conn Pest Control also has a service technician named Sterling Byrd who handles the Page area.  He is a native to Page having been born and raised there.  He's been working for us for the past few years.  Sterling really knows the community and specializes in the bugs and rodents of the region. 

As a more desert-like location, there are more extreme issues with ants, roaches, and bed bugs.  The extreme heat and weather makes Page a breeding ground for these types of pests.  Sterling is an expert at eradication of these issues.

We are very happy to have Sterling join our family of technicians and service some of the outlying areas for us!


We service most of Northern Arizona including:
Flagstaff, Williams, Parks, Bellemont, Munds Park, Kachina Village, Mountainaire, Winslow, Mormon Lake, Happy Jack, Stoneman Lake, Window Rock, Kayenta, Tuba City, Fredonia, Marble Canyon, most of the Navajo and Hopi Reservations, Grand Canyon, Cameron, Page, and everywhere in between.  We even do some areas in Southern Utah.  If you are in need of Pest Control services in Northern Arizona, then we are your first call!


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"Conn Pest Control is the BEST! Not only did the technician blink an eye at my sign ("PLEASE! Do NOT spray this bush! Agelenopsis breeding ground!"), he came in to confirm that yes, the bush with the sheet webs was the one I wanted left alone. We then went on to wax philosophical about all things spider (like about how most people tell their docs they got bit by a Brown Recluse, when we don't even have those in AZ - just the AZ Browns and the occasional California Recluse). Seriously, not only are they affordable, they are kind and reliable. I can't recommend Conn Pest Control highly enough!"

~ Jennifer


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"These guys are great, I am very much BUG FREE :)"

"I have used these guys the last year and have not seen a trace of a mouse or insect!!! Highly recomend Conn!"


~ Richie


Flagstaff Exterminators - Conn Pest Control handles pest control issues and extermination of a wide range of pests including bed bugs, skunks, snakes, mice, spiders, ticks, fleas, carpenter, ants, and cockroaches.


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