Our Commercial clients need a different set of services than our residential ones.  They run businesses.  They have people coming in and out of their locations.  They have to conform to public health rules and regulations.  They can't allow any risk to their visitors, customers, and residents. 

We completely take into account that our business customers run public places.  When there is an emergency, they MUST get immediate help.  We do everything we can to provide top-notch emergency response services to all of our commercial clients.  When health and safety is an issue, they must be a priority!   We have on-call technicians available 24/7 to make sure there is no delay if there is an emergency that constitutes a health or safety issue.  If you call in the middle of the night, we will help you!

Conn Pest Control also understands the nature of non-emergency, maintenance oriented services for our commercial clients as well.  We know that often there are certain hours of the day when we can come in and spray your location.  We know that this may have to happen after hours or specific times when your business is actually closed to the public.  We will work with you around your hours and busy times!

Some of Our Pest Control Clients

Local School Systems
Daycare Centers
Healthcare Facilities
Local Municipalities
Regional Native Tribes
Colleges & Universities
Real Estate Professionals
Hotels & Restaurants

We are proud to have provided pest control services for these types of businesses over the past 40 years!


We have many clients that have very sensitive needs such as governmental organizations, historical buildings, safe rooms and manufacturing plants, and medical facilities.  These places typically do not want any chemicals or pesticides in their buildings.  We provide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspections and monitoring at these locations.  These services are provided on a regular schedule and include the inspection of the entire facility.  We review any areas of concern or infestation and then make an inspection report with detailed recommendations on how we can safeguard the building.  This is a specialty service that makes sure to address the targeted needs of these clients in the safest manner possible.


These little guys wandered into the Dining Hall of an Assisted Living home in the Flagstaff area.  We got the call at 8:30 pm and were there handling the issue by 9 pm.

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"I own a plumbing company in Flagstaff and Munds Park, and use Conn to clear out spiders under homes before we re-pipe them. They have always showed up on time and even spray my shop and home. Everyone of my customers that I have refered to use Conn Pest control have called me and thanked me. Judy and her staff are always top notch!!!!!"

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