The following page has some "helpful resources" that we thought would be worth having on our site for our viewers.  Some of it is all about pest control while other information is about our community.  If you have a worthwhile link or resource that you'd thing would fit into our site, please contact us
Pest Control Resources
Bed Bug Registry:  A free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada. Founded in 2006, the site has collected about 20,000 reports covering 12,000 locations.  If you are traveling and want to make sure where you are staying is clean and safe, then this website is a great resource.
eTARF:  The term "Tarf" stands for Termite Action Report Form.  The State of Arizona provides a great website that is run from the "Office of Pest Management" that allows you to search for termite issues by address or report number.  If you are considering the purchase of a property and want to see the termite history, the eTARF site can help you.  The reporting is mainly for the last five years.
State of Arizona Office of Pest Management (OPM):  They are a State agency that licenses, educates and regulates the pest management industry. The OPM licenses commercial pest control businesses in Arizona and the pesticide applicators and inspectors employed by these companies. It also enforces federal and state laws governing pesticide use and storage.
Flagstaff and Northern Arizona Resources
Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce:  Our company has been a member of the local Chamber for over 35 years.  It is a great way to be a part of the Flagstaff community and network our business.
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB):  We are a Member of this small business resource and advocacy group.  Promoting small business and entrepreneurial spirit fits directly in with our mission as a local, family run business.  This organization works hard to protect the rights of small businesses across the country.
Northern Arizona Association of REALTORS«:  We work with a ton of real estate professionals in the Flagstaff area.  We are an "Associate Member" of this organization and really appreciate how they pull together lots of realty resources.  They effectively promote the local REALTORS and also provide Flagstaff property search features on their website.
Conn Pest Control is in no way advocates or is affiliated with any of the websites.  If you have a website that would work well on our site, please contact us.
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