We've all been there.  We see a pest and have no idea what it is or how to find out!  Below are some articles and information that we have compiled to help you identify the pests and some general information on what you can do about them.  If you have any questions about any of these "pests", we'd like to encourage you to give us a call or fill out the Appointment Form in the right column of our site.  We do give a Free Estimate and are always willing to answer questions to make sure that your home or office is safe.

From our experience, here is information on the "Top Pests" we see the most:
  • Ants: Many species of ants remain outdoors and are not pests. In fact, ants may be beneficial when they are predators on crop pests, and some are useful pollinators of plants. Ants can also improve soil quality because their tunneling activity enhances soil drainage and aeration and helps recycle soil nutrients. However, those ants which cause harm to people or property must be controlled using appropriate chemical and nonchemical methods...  Click here for more information.

  • Spiders: In many cases the presence of a few spiders is not a problem and requires no specific action. For instance, the spiders known as orb weavers, which spin wheel-shaped webs, are not dangerous to people and almost always live outdoors. Indeed, they may be useful in controlling garden pests. Likewise, a few spiders indoors is usually no problem if they are not dangerous species. However, a lot of spiders can be a serious...  Click here for more information.

  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are parasites that preferentially feed on humans. If people aren't available, they instead will feed on other warm-blooded animals (birds, rodents, bats, and pets). The name of the "bed bug" is derived from the preferred habitat which is our warm houses and especially inside of beds other sleep areas. A number of adverse health effects may result from bed bug bites, including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms.  Click here for more from Wikipedia.

  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches need food, water and hiding places in order to survive, and if you can reduce the availability of these factors you will discourage them and make them more vulnerable to other measures aimed at killing them. However, it is important to recognize that while good sanitation can make it harder for cockroaches to thrive, sanitation measures alone will not eliminate a well established cockroach infestation - only pesticides can do that. But remember that cockroaches have developed resistance to many over-the-counter pesticides. Even worse, some over-the-counter pesticides are highly repellent and can actually make an infestation worse...  Click here for more information.

  • Termites: Termites avoid extremes of heat and cold as well as storms and predators by living what is known as a "cryptobiotic" or hidden way of life. This makes them extremely difficult for untrained personnel to detect until the damage they cause becomes obvious. Termites can attack all types of wood. Even termite-resistant woods, such a tidewater red cypress and western red cedar, can ultimately be attacked, because they lose their natural resistance with aging. Keeping termites out is extremely difficult...  Click here for more information.

  • Mice: Mice can be discouraged by making it harder for them to get into buildings and by reducing the available food and nesting places. However, keeping mice out is difficult because they climb so well and can squeeze through crevices only 3/8 inches wide. Likewise they are very good at finding food and nesting sites. Even the best sanitation and mouse-proofing measures cannot be expected to achieve more than 89 percent control. Total elimination of indoor mice is essential because of the dangers they represent...  Click here for more information.

We also see many other pests that are a concern from a health and safety standpoint.  Here are more "Pest Id's" that will help you know more about what you are dealing with.  Click on each for more information.

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